Let No Man Pt1

I am amazed at how much I have learnt this year concerning marriage. Marriage reveals whats in your heart through a series of challenges carefully scripted specifically for you and your spouse. ‘Till Death Do us Part’ will be tested;make no mistake about this. But you can choose to go about the tests joyfully or … More Let No Man Pt1


I had a huge realization the other day. Sometimes,in the name of love, we make room for other peoples dysfunction because they make us feel like we have to change something about ourselves. This false change/s,is/are meant to serve them,I call it ‘rearrange your life to accommodate their dysfunction while pacifying their fear/s’. We are … More FIRM REFUSAL


The pregnant nimbus clouds began gathering at supersonic speed bearing a darkness that threatened to dim the light on earth. You could almost taste the rain. Rain, a welcome relief to the harsh heat and dryness we had been experiencing for months. The wind began howling furiously bringing the rain closer to earth. You could … More RAIN

Flow and Order

Embedded in every home is a flow unique to each household. Homemaking is largely associated with decorating the home as all homes should be but whats the use of having a beautiful home with no flow. Where chaos thrive and where there is no respect for established order. Order that ought to be followed but … More Flow and Order


Dullness is Lulling. You cant See what you’re Really meant to See as you Should See it. You cant HEAR what you’re Really meant to Hear as you Should Hear it. You cant Comprehend what you’re Really meant to Comprehend as you Should Comprehend it. It is dangerous. To be desensitized is dangerous and a … More AWAKENED


You are deserving. Yes, you are. You are qualified without any reservations. You are qualified without any conditions. The one thing ALL OF US crave is Love. Unconditional Love reached out for and to us. It reached out wholeheartedly and unquestioning. It is complete and absolute. But we were taught that we don’t deserve it. … More UNCONDITIONAL